Leke Adeboye asks Oyedepo’s son, Isaac on why he left father’s church

Isaac Oyedepo, the son of David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church (LFC), has clarified his decision to start his own ministry, stating that he has not left his father’s church .

In a recent interview with Pastor Leke Adeboye on the “Confession Box” podcast, Isaac explained that he remains a member and steward of Winners Chapel and continues to oversee its Abuja branch.

He stressed that his new ministry is a divine calling that he felt compelled to follow, and that it was a natural transition from being a member to becoming a pastor.

Isaac stated, “I am still in Winners, I’m still in Living Faith, I’m still a member and a steward because of the assignment that God has given to us. I think we just overcomplicate very simple things.” He added that before becoming a full-time pastor, he was already a member of the church, and that his new role is simply a continuation of his service to God.

He further explained that while he is currently planted in a church in Abuja, he now has the liberty to pursue what God has called him to do, which he couldn’t do as a full-time pastor.

Isaac’s clarification has put to rest speculations about his departure from his father’s church, and highlights the importance of following one’s divine calling.

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