Morenikeji Egbin Orun Died Of Anemia, Husband Reveals, Clears Air On Rumors About their Marriage (Video,Pictures)

Morenikeji Egbin Orun Died of Anemia, Husband Reveals, Clears Air on Rumors About Their Marriage (VIDEO).

Apostle Moses Adeleke, the husband of the late popular Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) prophetess and gospel singer, Bashirat Morenikeji Adeleke, has revealed the cause of his wife’s death.

According to the cleric, his wife, popularly known as Egbin Orun, had been complaining of an illness for a few months. He revealed that she had undergone surgery abroad and died shortly after returning to Nigeria.

In an interview with Alore TV on YouTube, Apostle Moses revealed that he met Prophetess Morenikeji during a spiritual consultation with his father, the late Superintendent Apostle J.O Adeleke, popularly known as Awikoko. He explained that they became friends, which later led to their marriage in 2010.

He added that Egbin Orun had separated from him in 2019, but they had maintained a good relationship, talking on the phone and occasionally meeting at public places like eateries to talk and reunite with their children.

Apostle Moses described Egbin Orun as a good wife and woman of God who was truly called and had used her ministry to lift his church, which his father had left behind, before she left to start her own ministry.

Apostle Moses stated that he was not properly informed about his wife’s illness and would not have allowed her to undergo the surgery that eventually led to her death.

Watch the video in link below for more details.

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