Ugandan prophet who infected teenager with HIV is jailed 40 years

A fake prophet has been sentenced to 40 years in prison by the High Court in Kampala, Uganda for se.xually assaulting and infecting a 16-year-old girl with HIV/AIDS.

Elijah James Kimera, who led the All Faith Centre Church of All Nations in Lusanja, Wakiso District, was described by Justice Margaret Mutonyi as a deceitful individual who abused his position of trust.

During the sentencing, Justice Mutonyi referenced biblical scriptures, likening Kimera’s actions to those of a “ferocious wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

She condemned his exploitation of the victim within the church premises, labelling it a betrayal of sacred ground.

The court heard that Kimera engaged in sexual acts with both the victim’s mother and the victim herself. These people had been entrusted to provide spiritual guidance. This abuse of power resulted in the 16-year-old contracting HIV/AIDS.

Kimera’s remorse, expressed only after being exposed, was dismissed by the judge as an attempt to manipulate the court.

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