Actor Femi Brainard opens up about being a cab driver in America

Nollywood veteran Femi Brainard has opened up about his post-entertainment journey since moving abroad.

Speaking in an interview with Teju Babyface, Brainard disclosed the challenges he faced, including taking up driving as a means to support his family in America despite his celebrity status.

Discussing his experiences after leaving the entertainment industry, Brainard shared insights into the pros and cons of relocating overseas.

He emphasized that while being a recognizable figure in Nigeria had its perks, being abroad often meant starting from scratch.

Reflecting on his time as a cab driver in the United States to make ends meet, Brainard remarked on the disbelief of Nigerian passengers who recognized him but couldn’t reconcile his celebrity status with his new role.

“As a celebrity, it’s preferable to be a prominent figure in Nigeria than to travel abroad and become unrecognized.

“I became a cab driver in America just to put food on the table. Whenever people see me, especially Nigerian passengers, they often stare at me in disbelief, wondering if I’m indeed the familiar star they recognize.

“America does not recognize your stardom, nor does it respect your celebrity.”

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