Keep Yourself Safe In Niga Traffic Jams With These 5 Safety Tips

If you’re searching out a number of the fine guidelines for staying secure in an average Nigerian traffic jam, then look no further.

We can’t shrink back from the reality that protection in traffic jams is one of the most commonplace troubles confronted by most Nigerian automobile proprietors and drivers on their ordinary commutes.

When we consider the country’s overall growing population, it’s not difficult to understand why a median of over five million automobiles are recorded each day plying major roads and streets in Abuja and Lagos alone. Unfortunately, as this populace keeps growing, the wide variety of motorable routes in desirable circumstances keeps lowering each day in predominant Nigerian towns.

It has been found that in the early hours of 7-8 am and night hours of 4-8 pm, the extent of traffic jams will increase on a number of the most predominant roads, leading to greater hours of use that could every now and then fall within 1-3 hours. Surprisingly, this has even turned out to be a norm in towns like Lagos, which is the metropolis with the highest number of gridlocks each day.

In order to live securely every time you discover yourself in a traffic jam, we recommend that you hold all the below guidelines in mind and undertake all of them;

1.Keep your valuables absolutely out of reach

Many Nigerian drivers at the moment are observed setting valuables like iPads, buying bags, money, laptops (or computer bags), wallets, purses, smartphones and briefcases in protected locations like the floor, dashboard or backseat of their automobiles.

Traffic jam occurrences in predominant Nigerian towns keep developing each day because of the country’s growing populace.

Keeping valuables visible in a car will attract visitors and thieves; instead, keep heavier valuables inside the boot of your car and securely lock it. Put your phone in your pocket, handbag, or anywhere else you can hide from the undeniable sight of passersby.

2.Focus While Driving

Do not communicate with pedestrians any longer
As much as it’s far from a regular issue to have pedestrians going about their approaches in traffic jams, you need to keep in mind that now no longer all have desirable intentions.

You need to endeavour to usually have all window glasses land up and attempt as hard as possible to keep away from conducting any form of communication with pedestrians. Many of the site visitors who are hoodlums generally tend to apply conversations to distracting motorists and passengers earlier than normal or whilst wearing out their operations.

They may even pass the time pretending to be beggars in order to approach you and open an informal communication with you, as humans would not suspect them; they may take your valuables or point a gun at you if they get too close.

It isn’t any extra a brand new issue to pay attention to that site visitor robbers can without difficulty spot an unlocked car door from a distance. These illegal residents can use this opportunity to approach any such car, force the door open, and before you know it, they could have robbed the passengers and driver or cast off valuables that are most likely hidden in the back seats.

Traffic robbers can use unlocked car doors to perform their operations on pedestrians. To keep away from such stories as we defined above, continually ensure to fasten all of the doors of your vehicle whilst you enter a Nigerian site. Most drivers generally make the error of forgetting to try this, in particular after losing a passenger.

  1. Don’t simply purchase things in traffic jams

This tip may appear ridiculous to a few motorists, in particular the ones in Lagos. But take it or go away, we strongly recommend that you purchase your snacks or bottled water earlier than you hit a visitor jam zone” to keep away from the temptation of having to shop for this stuff from visitor hawkers who may want to use this vulnerability to rob you big time.

You ought to understand that in order to shop for something from a traffic jam hawker, you’ll be pressured to roll down your vehicle home windows and feature the vendor coming in your direction of you. Which of them is a terrific possibility for the evildoers?

5.Your rear-view replication can let you know more

Just as you can effortlessly see what is beside your vehicle through the side mirrors, you want to additionally continuously take a look at your vehicle’s rear-view mirror as well, due to the fact that it is your best guess at seeing precisely what is going on in the rear part of your vehicle. Adjusting and constantly staring in the rear-view mirror will help you stay alert and respond unexpectedly to any safety hazards you may notice behind your vehicle.

While stuck in traffic, your rear-view mirror allows you to be aware of any potential safety hazards behind your vehicle.

Some of the top tips for staying secure in a Nigerian traffic jam may be forgotten, but we guarantee they’ll improve your security significantly if you keep them in mind.

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