DSTV price hike: More Nigerians consider SLTV, others

Following the decision of the broadcasting company, Multichoice to increase the prices of its offerings in Nigeria four months after its last increment many people have been on the search for a better alternative.

When Multichoice revealed its new offering, there was outrage from the public online with many arguing that the increment was coming at the wrong time.

Kelvin Odanz, who tweets as @MrOdanz, told Nigerians to explore other options rather than complain about the increase.

“If you can afford stable Internet, there are so many other services you can use aside from DSTV. For football and other entertainment. Because aside from football, nothing dey DSTV. Explore these options and stop whining.

“I am not even a fan of DSTV one bit. Aside from football, there’s basically nothing of note there. But this whole outrage over them hiking their price is quite hypocritical. Everyone has hiked the price of their goods/services. Even small businesses. So why shouldn’t DSTV do the same?” he tweeted.

While others are still lamenting the increase, some social media users looked for a cheaper alternative to DSTv.

Many suggested SLTv as an affordable alternative rendering the same service as DSTv.

@flourishbidex wrote, “So, these are the channels SLTV offers for just 5k and I have been wasting my money on DSTv sub nice one bye bye to DStv.”

Another user, Wealth, who tweeps as @Ola_Wealth001 wrote, “SLTV is the new movement, my people. God pun!sh Dstv. All their channels sub na 5kall football channels.

In April, Multichoice increased the prices of its offerings in Nigeria four months after its last increment.

It reviewed prices in its packages across the board with the new prices will take effect from May 1, 2024.

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