Crazy! Olaiya Igwe makes U-TURN; apologizes to Nigerians for campaigning for Tinubu

Omoh… it’s a crazy day! Like seriously CRAZY! We are still dealing with Davido losing at the Grammys and now, this ridiculous one?

Omhhhhhhhhhh, to be a Nigerian is truly an OPPOURTUNITY! Lmaoooooooooo, asin, FREE CRUISE, you need no money for that!

Olaiya Igwe makes U-TURN; apologizes to Nigerians for campaigning for Tinubu
Olaiya Igwe makes U-TURN; apologizes to Nigerians for campaigning for Tinubu
But on the other side, to be a Nigerian, omohh, na sufferness o. Cus in truth, most Nigerians are underpaid, earn almost nothing! And it’s teary to see these people suffer, so teary! Please guys, lets always do our own part. Lets be our brothers keeper, Ejor!

So Olaiya Igwe, who stormed the beach n3de last year to pray for Tinubu’s victory, is back now APOLOGIZING to Nigerians for his action.

According to him, he got a revelation to pray for him back then, and he did exactly that, because President Tinubu had in the past helped him when he was sick.

Fast forward to today, he says he is sorry.

In a now viral video, he said;

“I went to the beach n3ked to pray for Tinubu based on revelation. I did that as payback for Tinubu, my benefactor.”

He added, “Nigerians, please don’t be angry. You see me as one of those who brought this hardship on the country. I accept. You are raining curses on me because you felt my going to the beach unclad to pray for Tinubu influenced you to vote for him. I’m sorry.”

Lamenting the prevailing economic hardships in the country, Olaiya Igwe charged Mr President to wake up to the cries of Nigerians. He warned that the curses he gets daily will reach the president if he fails to do the needful.

“If you (Tinubu) fail to wake up to your responsibility, the curses I get daily you will also get. Had it been that things turned out good in the country since Tinubu assumed office, those insulting and cursing me would have stopped.”

The actor, who said Tinubu was trying to stabilise the economy, appealed to the president to set up a monitoring team to ensure his promises are delivered to citizens.

“Nigerians are crying. That’s why everyone is angry. Even Nigerians in the diaspora are not happy with the present situation in Nigeria. I want to talk to our father, Tinubu. Daddy, (Tinubu) Nigerians are not happy; they are crying. Their expectations are not met. I know you are trying. You need to appoint a monitoring team to ensure they deliver on your plans and promises to citizens,” the renowned actor stated.

Olaiya Igwe becomes the second among celebrities who openly campaigned for Tinubu, lamenting economic hardship in the country.

Last week, fuji maestro Wasiu Ayinde, aka Kwam 1, also Tinubu’s praise singer during his campaign, cried out over economic hardship in the country.

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