Wunmi Ajiboye breaks silence on alleged affair with MC Oluomo

This is coming after fans alleged she didn’t give her estranged husband, Segun Ogungbe due respect at her mother’s burial.

She also penned a long epistle to appreciate MC Oluomo on Instagram while she only wrote a sentence to appreciate Segun Ogungbe. This didn’t go down well with her fans.

Recall controversial blogger, Gistlover claimed that MC Oluomo was the reason behind their split as he had fully furnished a new house for her, which made her leave her home because Segun couldn’t fund her lifestyle anymore, hence why she resulted to having extramarital affairs.

Taking to the comment section, many dragged the Yoruba star for abandoning her husband for MC Oluomo, while others blamed Segun for taking a second wife, despite having a good wife.

Reacting to the backlash, she described herself as a virtuous woman and wouldn’t allow her hard work, tenacity, and personality to rob her of her sweat.

Her words;

”I need to clear air, I am a virtuous and hardworking woman and i wouldnt allow my hardwork ,my tenacity,my name, my sweat and my truth to be robbed ..
I had sealed with the King of Fuji Music independently years before the burial party and as a norm after the birth of a group called CGI(Connecting Grassroots Initiatives)
I had to officially invite the Pioneer of the group in person of MC Oluomo..

I can categorically say that i have never had a romantical relationship with him prior or during the party i just had .

It took me 7 years to give my mother a final befitting burial and which i am proud to do solely …The philanthropist gave me money to support in the presence of the committee a day to the party.(group members can testify )
Everything i have done single handedly is always tagged to him and somehow robs me of my hardwork and my sweat .i kept quiet for long as people know him to be a philantropist but i am boldly saying that i do not have any romantical relationship with him and this does not cancel the fact that he has been a good person to me .

This is not to say that i did not receive gifts and supports from friends and colleagues like everyone would ..

As for the adorable father of my children who has refused to say a word on our relationship status and i decided to respect his opinion but when i see the undeserved empathy he gets in a mutual agreement,i feel tempted to talk but still for the sake of the beautiful kids ,i would keep mute until he finds an appropriate time to do otherwise.

I do not have control over people’s joy as everyone came to the party joyfully and we ended it on a good note .

Once again,i appreciate everyone who showed me concern ,called me and told me not to say a word.

I am sorry i dissapointed you all but i refuse to be robbed by false news and rumours.

To rumour mongers and their fans, its always sweet and fun until it gets to your turn, i sincerely hope you maintain same energy by then..

I am omowunmi ajiboye I will never be bullied to silence
I will never be pressured into accepting what i know nothing about

If i lie, let God judge me
If this is really my truth, God bless me more and all that i do, amen”

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