This Man Sued God To Court, See The Judgement Of The Judge

Everyone is aware that God is not a being, which is why it is impossible to imagine that a man may take God to court, however it is the truth.

Ernie Chambers, an attorney and the son of a pastor, is the one who dragged God to court. Ernie, who used to be born on July 10, 1937, graduated from Harvard Law School in 1959.

Ernie, an African- American from Nebraska, is the first and only African- American to serve as a Senator in Nebraska, as well as the first African- American to run for Governor in the United States.

Ernie started up many in 2007 when he filed a criticism towards God. He also believed that God is to blame for various herbal disasters, including flooding, earthquakes, and other herbal calamities. He filed a lawsuit against God to secure an injunction that would restrict God from issuing dangerous threats.

On the day of the hearing, in August of 2008, Ernie went to Court, and when the judge, Marlon Polk, determined to start the case, he noticed that the table reserved for God used to be empty, so he requested for God’ s address, which Ernie couldn’ t supply, so he dismissed the case due to the fact there used to be no way to provide God the Court Notice.

Chambers later admitted that he believes God is not human, but he does not want the Court Notice served on him. He said that what he tried to do was once exhibit that each lawsuit, no relies on how absurd, may want to be brought to court.

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