Day 3: 1,500 people dead in Israel, Hamas war

At least 1,500 people have been killed since Saturday when the war between Israel and Hamas began, with more people still expected to die.

Hamas’ surprise and unprovoked attack on Israel has led to the death of 900 Israelis, including 260 people massacred by Hamas gunmen at a music festival.
Israel has declared war on Hamas and has been pounding Gaza with bombs since Saturday.
The death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza has risen to almost 690, including 140 children and 105 women, a spokesman for the Palestinian health ministry said.
In a news conference, reported by some international news agencies, the spokesman added that an additional 3,700 people had been wounded.
The ministry claims Israeli forces have targeted ambulances, with 11 ambulances and one health service vehicle being completely destroyed and subsequently rendered inoperable.
The health ministry said it continues to liaise and collaborate with global and humanitarian organizations to meet the hospitals’ lack of medications, medical equipment and fuel.
Hamas said Monday that civilian hostages would be executed without warning and the killings broadcasted if Israel targets people in Gaza. The group claims to be holding more than 100 hostages, including Israeli army officers.
Dozens of people have been kidnapped by Hamas and their families are desperately searching for information.
Israel’s defence minister earlier ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip, cutting off food, fuel, electricity and water supplies

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