Two attractive Nigerian women sitting in cafe with tablet. Female business colleagues working remotely, Nigeria, Africa.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date Uk-based Nigerian Ladies

Often when single young people move to the United Kingdom, they are always caught between starting new relationships abroad or sticking to their old relationships in their home countries. This short article is aimed at guiding you to make the best decision on the basis of reality and not mere emotions and sentiments.

I will try as much as possible to make this piece less controversial. The aim isn’t to break relationships and destroy the efforts of couples in their relationships.

Two attractive Nigerian women sitting in cafe with tablet. Female business colleagues working remotely, Nigeria, Africa.

Dating a good Nigerian lady or woman in the UK is amazing. They bring happiness and increase your zeal to succeed by giving you strong backing.
Below are some of the reasons why dating a Nigerian woman in the UK is highly recommended.

(1) Nigerian women are appreciative:

Let’s face it, there is no abundance of ‘original’ male suitors in the UK. Some coloured women even go for several months without anybody stopping them on the street to say hello. This adds value to men (law of demand and supply). So when single women ever meet their male counterparts, they value you like the pound note.

(2) Financial independence:

The UK creates an enabling ground and a level-playing field for everybody to succeed. As long as you are ready to work, you will make good money. UK-based Nigerian women have their own money and take pleasure in buying their own things unlike their counterparts back home, who are at the mercy of Tinubu and his APC friends.

(3) Beauty and fashion:

UK-based Nigerian women are not only beautiful, but they are so classy. They could be fashionable due to the extra cash and the affordability of clothes in the UK. I believe they have more ‘packaging’ than Amazon lol

(4) Better opportunities:

Nigerian women are doing really well in the UK. They are like the last piece of the puzzle you need to make your life complete. I have seen some men doing blue-collar jobs marry doctors and company management officials in the UK. This opens a door of opportunities and stability.

(5) Adaptability:

If you are in the UK, you are better off dating a Nigerian woman who lives in the country. This is because they have adapted to the system and have a strong knowledge of how it works. This is always as smooth as when Robin Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Old Trafford. He hit the ground running.

(6) Happy Ending:

UK women have very strong ‘grips’. Legends in the house would understand. This is because of the scarcity of men and the busy nature of the country. You can’t boldly say the same about Lagos-based women who are mostly ‘sexually stressed’ due to too multiple relationships running concurrently and marketing activities.

(7) Mental stability:

Due to the performing nature of the UK economy (compared to Nigeria), the women are generally happy to an extent because their needs are easily met via simple financial plans. Tinubu, back home has triggered an epidemic of mood swings amongst women with highly counterproductive public policies.

(cool Fiscal compatibility:

Nigerian women in the UK are largely transparent with their finances. They also contribute to the payment of bills. They know for sure that their spouses might develop hunchbacks carrying those responsibilities alone. This attribute isn’t easy to come by in Nigeria where the women regularly say ‘Your money is our money and my money is my money’ to their men.

(9) Better exposure:

Traveling itself is a form of education. As you pass through places, they also pass through you. Nigerian women in the UK have mixed with different races by virtue of being in the country. This has also broadened their perspective on life and made them better people.

(10) Cooking:

Nigerian women are generally fantastic cooks. They don’t just have the skill, but they also have the financial resources to explore new measures of making both local and foreign dishes. Inadequate financial resources impede the abilities of their local counterparts.

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