Federal Poly Nekede develops fuelless, fumeless generator

The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Imo State has invented a 7.5kva fuelless and fumeless generator.

This development was revealed on Friday by the Rector of the institution, Engr. Dr. Michael Chidiebere Arimanwa.
The rector disclosed the generator is another impact recorded by the institution, with the prospect of providing a solution to man’s existing problems.

He referred to the development as a great feat in an era where the cost of energy has remained unreasonably high.
He said, “The world is already moving away from fossil fuel to more sustainable energy sources. Already some countries have placed a timeline within which to end the utilization of fossil fuel.

”We are not new in the world of inventions and we are determined to make more of them for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God. With the right funding, we will produce these inventions in commercial quantities to add value to the country.”

He called on the Federal and State government to embrace and support the development.
“This is an opportunity to invite the Federal and State governments to increase their support to polytechnic education. The polytechnic is doing a lot in Nigeria and it is noteworthy that the Federal Polytechnic Nekede has been living up to its mandate of creating machines that can be used to solve human problems.”
In his explanation on how the generator works, a lecturer at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Engr. Samuel Onyenobi said the fuelless generator is powered by a 12 volts, 75Amp DC battery which stores chemical energy that drives the 3 horsepower DC motor.
“There is a 28kg flywheel coupled to two pulleys and one of the pulleys which is driven by the flywheel turns an alternator of 7.5KVA to generate 150V AC current which is boosted to 220V using a transformer and automatic voltage regulator for stabilization of the voltage.
The alternating current derived is being converted to Direct Current of 12 volts to charge battery and avoid its drain,” he said.

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