Floods: Bode George Re-Echoes Obi’s Call To Halt Campaigns

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Bode George has asked political parties to halt campaigns following the floods affecting several parts of Nigeria.

He said this on Sunday after calls from Nigerians, notably the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, that parties should suspend campaigns following the heavy floods that have killed over 600 people and displaced millions across the country.

“Once you have a major concern – an environmental disaster of this level – it calls to reason that people should be empathic, people should show concern for the lives and properties of people there,” the former National Deputy Chairman of the main opposition PDP said in an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.

“I agree that suspending a campaign for one or two days and seeing how much you can contribute physically, financially, and morally to further strengthen the belief of the people that we have good managers who will run this country for them. It makes a lot of sense.”

Buttressing his point, Chief Bode said campaigning while the floods and their impacts are still being felt by many Nigerians does not make sense.

He, therefore, called on the PDP to take the lead and work with stakeholders to combat the issue.

“I would advise them to do the same because if we are going now and trying to woo the hearts and minds of the people, anything that would disrupt their perfect state of mind should also be our major concern,” he maintained.

“It (suspending campaigns) makes a lot of sense both politically and also spiritually. You know you cannot close your eyes and pretend that you didn’t know what is happening and its terrible effects on the lives of our people. I will plead with our party – the managers – to please suspend it and to also key in morally – the contribution to NEMA and whatever advice they would give to those in government and do something – so that it would be impactful on their mindset that this party has so much sympathy and concern; not only to take their votes.”

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