Main Reasons Why Atiku And Peter Obi Should Desist From Tribal And Religious Politics

Like Peter Obi Like Atiku A Tale Of Two Presidential Candidates Seeking For Sympathy Votes With Religious Card 
Why Atiku And Peter Obi Should Desist From Tribal And Religious Politics

“I am a Northerner, Northerners don’t want or need a Yoruba candidate and Igbo candidate. I am a Pan-Nigerian candidate of Northern origin.” Atiku Abubarkar Oct 15.

Judging from the body language of some of the major candidates, it appears that the 2023 presidential elections will be marked by a great deal of ethnic and religious intonation.

One cannot blame the proponents of this hypothesis among the big candidates; its permutations are quite plausible, and if not effectively addressed, they may get their way.

Electoral success is essentially won by the majority of votes cast; it makes no difference how or by what demographics the votes are cast; what matters is who wins. 

Now, this is a three-horse fight between the APC, the PDP, and the LP, and if all regular permutations and logistics are followed, no party has a chance of defeating the current APC, which controls a whopping 23 states.

The deadly game is set to play here because, despite what logical logic would suggest, the APC can be defeated hands down, and this is strictly by religious sentiment and tribal divisiveness, so bear with me as I walk you through a specific thread.

A few weeks ago, a video went viral in which Peter Obi told the church that they needed to rise and take back their country. One wonders when the church was asleep that Christians had to wake up to reclaim the country from unbelievers. 

Peter Obi never appeared to retract his remarks, and Atiku has not yet issued a statement retracting his claim that the North should only elect a northerner to the presidency since it is their birthright.

They don’t need to disprove anything since they know exactly what they’re doing. For example, the Labour Party has no gubernatorial candidates in 17 states, no party chairmen in 9 states, and only 30 Senatorial candidates in the upcoming general election.

So how does a party like that usually succeed? They are employing this strategy to encourage as many Christians as possible to support Peter Obi. Spreading division, the APC has a Muslim and Muslim ticket that is anti-Christian, and the PDP has a Fulani who is also anti-Christian.

So, if Christians all vote for a fellow Christian and Muslims split their votes between Tinubu, a Muslim, and Atiku, a Fulani, then, of course, they will win. To be honest, this is the only logical way LP can win, which is why they claim that all Igbo and Christian votes in Lagos, Kano, Borno, Rivers, and other states belong to them, and the rest should share the other votes.

That is why you see Obi only jumping from church to church for campaigns.

You may argue that my logic is silly, but isn’t it equally stupid to envision LP winning a Presidential Election with no single Local Government chairman across the 774 Local Government areas? Nobody has a monopoly on stupidity, lol.

Then take a look at Atiku, a history of failure. If you follow all the antecedents and logic, Atiku’s aspirations ought to be over before they begin.

How can a candidate who had Peter Obi, a true rave, as his running mate and Kwankwaso, another rave, as a party member, lose to the same Buhari they accuse of destroying Nigeria in 2019? Call me stupid but how can a party with SHAKY-SHAKY governors win a party controlling 23 State Governors?

It is only reasonable that we give respect to facts and reasoning and cease this hypocrisy of proposing a strange permutation for what has already been attempted and failed countless times.

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